Consider the Advantages of Class A Foam in Firefighting

Author: Craig McDonnell, VP, Fire Suppression Americas & P&P Retardant
Published: 4/02/2024
Class A foam improves the efficacy of firefighting, enhances water's effectiveness in dousing flames, and introduces other advantages. However, misconceptions about the use of foam, its environmental impact, and lack of training, have contributed to a decline in its use over recent years. In this article, Craig McDonnell delves into the benefits of using Class A foam and dispels some of the misconceptions around the technology.     read more

How Much is That Fire Truck?

Author: Billy Claunch, Vice President, Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus
Published: 4/25/2023
Costs associated with new fire apparatus have escalated significantly along with everything else recently. Yet, having apparatus that meets your agency’s operational requirements is critical for your firefighters and the community you serve. Therefore, understanding the total cost of fire truck ownership, including replacement, is essential to your agency’s success. Luckily, these life-cycle costs can be identified and a strategy for obtaining new apparatus put in place. This article highlights what to consider to ensure you have the apparatus assets you need to sustain your mission.     read more

Emergency Technical Decon Becomes First Fully Verified to the NFPA 1851-2020 Standard ISP Utilizing CO2 Technologies

Author: Chief Mike Duyck (Ret.), President, Emergency Technical Decon
Published: 10/12/2021
Emergency Technical Decon (ETD), a state-of-the-art cleaning solution provider, has become North America’s first fully verified to the NFPA 1851-2020 standard Independent Service Provider (ISP) utilizing liquid CO2 technologies to significantly increase the life of PPE while providing complete decontamination. Importantly, ETD's CO2+ process has been laboratory confirmed to remove over 84% of loose PFAS that can or may lead to adverse health effects in firefighters.     read more

Explore How One Alaskan Community Improved Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival

Author: Shannon Smith, VP, Communications, PulsePoint
Published: 7/28/2021
When looking to address out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest survival in a community, it’s daunting to know where to begin. Imagine if that community was geographically isolated, had 100,000 citizens living in an area roughly the size of New Jersey with 11 fire departments and 321 firefighters, most of whom are volunteers. Now the task becomes even more daunting. Learn how Western Fire Chiefs Association International Director and then-University of Alaska Fairbanks Fire Chief Douglas R. Schrage and the Interior Fire Chiefs tackled the issue by partnering with leaders in the field, and implementing best practices and the latest technology to improve outcomes in their community.     read more

How you can request a portable cell tower at no charge, with FirstNet

Author: Ryan Fields-Spack, EMT-P, Captain (Ret.)
Published: 7/13/2021
It’s a fact that firefighters need to be connected at all times to their crewmates. Communications is their lifeline. When cellular or radio networks go down, firefighters can feel safer knowing they can request portable cell sites to quickly re-establish terrestrial coverage during an event. Ryan Fields-Spack, a member of the FirstNet Response Operations Group, describes the need and benefits of deployable assets, available to all FirstNet customers at no charge.     read more

Prepare for the wildfire year, not just wildfire season, with FirstNet

Author: Chief Kim Zagaris, WFCA Wildfire Policy and Technology Advisor
Published: 6/02/2021
With wildfire season off to another early start and the fire season persisting longer, we can all attest that it’s becoming more difficult to find time to re-evaluate our preparedness plans. And that difficulty is only compounded as we continue to respond to everyday incidents and deal with COVID-19. All first responders should seriously consider FirstNet as public safety’s collective communications platform, especially as we prepare to respond to all-hazard incidents.     read more

Looking for an economical solution to expand your station?

Author: Patrick Veer, Vice President, EXTREME Portable Buildings & EXTREME Fire Stations
Published: 1/19/2021
Whether it’s finding room for a new piece of apparatus or accommodating updated decontamination facilities, it seems that the need for more space is a reoccurring issue at most stations. EXTREME Fire Stations (EFS) designs, builds and installs new, replacement, and temporary fire stations and additions in the US and Canada. EFS requires no foundations and can be relocated multiple times without loss of structural or functional integrity. To avoid a major construction project, you may want to consider the new technologies available in portable buildings.     read more

Protecting Firefighters with an Innovative Decontamination Process

Author: Chief Mike Duyck (Ret.), President, Emergency Technical Decon
Published: 12/14/2020
Firefighters encounter multiple carcinogens, frequently at dangerous levels, and the danger doesn’t end when the job is done. Residue left on firefighter’s gear can potentially cause a range of long-term deleterious health conditions. Toxic molecules can accumulate after multiple incomplete cleaning attempts, building up over time. Our innovative approach not only extends the life of the gear, it can significantly decrease the chances of future health problems for your firefighting professionals.     read more

Explore a Relocatable Fire Station in Canada via Video Tour

Author: Patrick Veer, Vice President, EXTREME Portable Buildings & EXTREME Fire Stations
Published: 12/08/2020
“Adapt and overcome.” That’s what fire departments do every single day. But that can be a challenge when the rate of a community’s growth outpaces that of the department. In Canada, the Calgary Fire Department needed a temporary fire station that would accommodate emergency response activities. The department explored fire house options and determined the best fit was a relocatable fire station designed by EXTREME Portable Buildings.     read more

Coffee On a Mission to Support Fellow First Responders

Author: Fire Department Coffee
Published: 10/28/2020
It’s National First Responders Day, so there is no better time to take a step back to admire, appreciate, and recognize the men and women who have chosen to dedicate their lives to serving others. Run by firefighters, our veteran-owned business is dedicated to providing freshly-roasted, great-tasting coffee. Our mission is to help our fellow first responders by donating 10% of net proceeds to help those who have become sick or injured while on the job.
Order today and get an extra 15% off. Continue reading to reveal the discount code.     read more

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