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Thursday, May 23, 2024

VIDEO: 5 firefighters suffer heat exhaustion battling fire in Rhode Island

Firefighters returned to a Pawtucket neighborhood Wednesday evening to knock down a fire that reignited inside an apartment building. Pawtucket Fire Chief John Trenteseaux told 12 News that firefighters were first called to the East Avenue home several hours prior for reports of smoke and flames coming from the second and third floors. Trenteseaux said five firefighters were brought to the hospital to be treated for heat exhaustion while knocking down the initial fire. “It was just hot and [the building was] full of smoke. It was beating everyone up,” Trenteseaux explained. “It was not a good day to have a fire.” “One of the firefighters on the third floor had run out of air and he had trouble getting out,” he continued. “We had to take him out through the window.” 12 News was there as the flames reignited on the third floor and shot through the roof.
WPRI-TV CBS/MyNetworkTV 12 Providence

Drug Use in the US: Best and Worst States in 2024

Drug abuse has been an issue in the US for decades, yet despite efforts to curb it, substance use is still prevalent nationwide. According to the latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2020, approximately 40 million persons aged 12 years and older had a substance use disorder in the past year. Also, there were nearly 104,000 drug overdose deaths in the 12-month period ending in December 2023, according to the CDC. To determine where drug abuse is most pronounced in the US, a new report from WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 20 key metrics, including arrest and overdose rates and opioid prescription use. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the biggest drug issue.
Patient Care

Charging lithium-ion batteries at Maine firehouse cause fire

Multiple lithium-ion batteries charging on a shelf at the Stacyville Fire Department caught fire Tuesday night, leading to damage and an injured firefighter. It happened shortly before 9 p.m. at the fire station located at 370 Station Rd., the state fire marshal's office said in a release Wednesday. Fire departments from Sherman, Patten, Mt. Chase, Island Falls, Oakfield, and East Millinocket responded to assist Stacyville firefighters. They were able to quickly knock down the fire, but the building and several pieces of apparatus were damaged. The state fire marshal's office determined that the fire originated on a shelf inside the station where multiple lithium-ion batteries were charging. Officials said it's considered accidental. A firefighter was taken to a hospital, treated, and released for a non-fire-related leg injury, the release stated.
WCSH-TV NBC 6 Portland

Museum in Colorado fighting for historical bronze fire bell, now in a church storage yard

VIDEO: A Denver museum has been fighting for the last 14 years to bring a piece of the city’s history back home after a 140-year-old bell, which was presumed missing, turned up at a church in Pueblo. “The bell itself is a 1,600-pound bell, which is quite large and it’s got a tone that even the bell company said is kind of a special tone,” Dan Farley said. Farley is the executive director of the Denver Firefighters Museum, which highlights the history of the fire service since its beginnings in Denver. Part of the museum’s exhibit features two photographs of Denver’s Fire Station 1, located at Broadway and Colfax Avenue. Fire Station 1 was torn down in 1909. The bell was housed in a belfry atop the building. “Everybody was volunteer back then, so you ring the bell to bring it to the public’s attention (that) something is going on (and) we need help,” retired Denver firefighter Danny Perez said.
KDVR-TV FOX 31 Denver

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

VIDEO: Tornado touches down in Iowa, toppling wind turbines, setting one ablaze

A tornado touched down Tuesday in Adams County, Iowa, toppling several wind turbines and leaving behind a trail of damage. The tornado touched down just northwest of Prescott around 3 p.m. Tuesday as a line of severe storms pushed into the state. KCCI's Zane Satre witnessed the storms touching down first-hand. “It’s a pretty violent-looking tornado. It’s not fully condensed to the ground at all times. You can see it’s kind of grungy looking," he said. "You can sort of see through it at times. But there's definitely circulation all the way to the ground." Multiple wind turbines were destroyed by the tornado as it ripped across the county. Satre said he observed at least three 250-foot towers snapped like twigs, their blades scattered across the area. The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for the entire state.
KCCI-TV CBS 8 Des Moines

One California county offering free skin cancer screenings to current and retired firefighters

VIDEO: Because of their jobs, firefighters have a much higher risk of developing skin cancer, according to Dr. Steven Wang. That's why he's offering free screenings to current and retired firefighters during Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Retired Orange County Fire Captain Jeffrey Johnson said his appointment to check his skin at Hoag Irvine is long overdue. "Over 25 years, I know that can take its toll," he said. The debris that firefighters encounter during their days can make them more susceptible to the disease, according to Wang, the head of Hoag's Dermatological Oncology department. "After fighting the fires, they have the residuals that sort of attach to the skin," he said. "Those chemicals can be absorbed into the skin ... If they [are not] washed off and the sun hits those same areas, they create a reaction and they would lead them to develop skin cancer down the road."
KCAL-TV CBS 9 Los Angeles

Close calls with drivers are on the rise, Connecticut firefighters say

VIDEO: The Torrington firefighter’s union said there has been a troubling trend across the state. It said drivers have been disregarding the “move over” law. On Monday, a firefighter was hurt on a scene when a driver drove over a wire and entangled him, according to Local 1567 IAFF Torrington Fire Department. Firefighters also said that on May 8, the same engine company was almost struck by a motorcyclist on Route 8. Torrington firefighters urged the public to slow down and exercise caution when an emergency vehicle is along the side of the road. Connecticut’s “Move Over” law has been described as one of the strongest in the country, according to first responders and lawmakers. It requires motorists to slow down and move over for any vehicle along the side of the road, not just emergency vehicles.
WFSB-TV CBS 3 Hartford

What are nitazenes? Growing concerns over new opioids stronger than fentanyl

VIDEO: If you haven't heard of nitazenes, you're not alone. Officials are issuing warnings about the new and deadly threat in the nation's ongoing opioid epidemic. What are nitazenes? Nitazenes are a class of synthetic opioids that have been around since the 1950s, but now, authorities say they are being mixed with other illegal narcotics, like heroin and methamphetamine. "Fentanyl is 50 times more powerful than heroin, 100 times more powerful than morphine and nitazenes are more powerful than fentanyl," said Frank Tarentino, special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency's North Division. "Anywhere up to 5 to 10 times more powerful." According to Tarentino, the DEA's New York Division has seen less than five investigations involving nitazenes and overdoses, and poisonings.
WNYW-TV FOX 5 New York City

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