FirstNet’s Nationwide Network: Becoming a reality for America’s First Responders

Author: Chief Jeff Johnson, CEO Western Fire Chiefs Assoc., Vice Chair for the Board of FirstNet
Published: 4/25/2017
Communications is essential to keeping the public safe and protecting our communities. Technology can help fire fighters share information and ensure an efficient, effective response with when the call comes in. The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) was created at the urging of the fire service community to get technology into the hands of first responders through the buildout of a nationwide broadband network. The FirstNet Network will modernize first responders’ communications and deliver specialized features that are not available to them on commercial wireless networks today.     read more

ICC Voting Governmental Members Vote Now to Defend Home Fire Sprinklers

Author: Daily Dispatch
Published: 11/13/2016
DEADLINE to vote November 22 - The requirement for all new homes to have home fire sprinklers has been included in the International Residential Code (IRC) for the past three editions, and because of this requirement, over 100,000 families now live in sprinklered homes. Housing markets in these areas are thriving. Nevertheless, sprinkler opponents have repeatedly tried to eliminate the sprinkler requirement from the IRC in every code cycle since initial adoption in 2009.     read more

Open Letter to Fire Service Vendors and Agencies

Author: Missouri Valley Division of the IAFC
Published: 9/27/2016
Which are all of us – those who work in the fire service as well as our families and extending to those who produce products and services that enhance the mission and capabilities for serving our communities. One of the greatest concerns in the fire service today is the unprecedented occurrence of cancer in our ranks. A brief review of research conducted in cooperation with leading Fire Service organizations shows that on average firefighters are 1.5 times more likely to contract cancer than the general population; in some cases for particular types of cancer that risk more than doubles.     read more

Test Emergin Issue

Author: Western Fire Chiefs Association
Published: 9/27/2016
This is the summary text for the emerging issue in DC newsletter. We are testing the padding on the image.....     read more


Author: Daily Dispatch
Published: 3/17/2016
DEADLINE - MARCH 18 - Once again, opponents of home fire sprinklers are attacking the International Residential Code (IRC). Several proposals have been submitted to the IRC for the 2016 code cycle that would diminish or eliminate the requirement for all new homes to have residential fire sprinklers. This requirement has now been included in three editions of the IRC (2009, 2012 and 2015), and well over 100,000 families now live in sprinklered homes because of it. To protect the public and firefighters, we must once again fight to support sprinklers, and with ICC’s latest rules, you can cast your votes online without having to attend the code hearings.     read more

Call to Action: Call Congress in Support of the Zadroga Act

Author: The International Association of Fire Chiefs
Published: 12/09/2015
Congress is expected to recess by December 18 and is working on end-of-year legislation to fund the federal government and extend expiring tax provisions. Meanwhile, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act (P.L. 111-347) expired earlier this year. Congress must pass legislation reauthorizing the Zadroga Act this year. The IAFC is asking its members to call or email their representatives and senators this week and ask them to pass legislation to reauthorize the Zadroga Act programs as part of year-end legislative efforts, like the Fiscal Year 2016 omnibus appropriations bill.     read more

Fire Apparatus Now Available Through FireRescue GPO

Author: Tim Moor, President of the PPA Board of Directors
Published: 9/23/2015
Fire apparatus is now available through the FireRescue GPO as a result of an RFP published by The Public Procurement Authority (PPA). The PPA, an inter-government entity formed in 2013, serves as the lead public agency for contracts created for the members of NPPGov and FireRescue GPO. Now with five different manufacturers on contract, departments can purchase a full range of fire apparatus without having to complete their own RFP process. This meets the goals of the PPA and FireRescue GPO to improve efficiency and reduces procurement costs for the fire service.     read more

Safety Through Research

Author: Mark Light, CEO and Executive Director IAFC
Published: 8/26/2015
What information do you use to move your department forward? What resources do you use to make decisions on policies and procedures? Do you worry about decisions you make today that will affect your members in the long term? To help answer these questions, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) has expanded the Firefighter Safety Through Advanced Research (FSTAR) project. Available at (, we are making research available on one searchable website, with additional tools called Featured Studies for fire service leaders and departments to use in making sound decisions.     read more

Listen First, Communicate Second - Using Science and Sound Advice to Connect with your Community

Author: Jeffrey D. Johnson, CEO, Western Fire Chiefs Association
Published: 8/06/2014
Consider the story of two different fire districts that passed significant funding increases with voters, by wide margins, in the face of initial voter skepticism. In May of 2014 the Missoula Rural Fire District (MRFD), which serves a population of about 38,500, wanted to increase its tax rate for the first time in 22 years in order to retain firefighters originally funded by a SAFER Grant. The last two levy attempts, both in 2008, had failed, the first by a 52% No vote and the second by an even wider margin, a 64% No vote. Yet in 2014, when they went before the voters again, 68% of their voters said Yes.     read more

iLearnFire is better than ever - New features bring greater value to end-users

Author: Western Fire Chiefs Association
Published: 7/15/2014
The Western Fire Chiefs Association launched iLearnFire last year to provide fire departments and EMS agencies the ability to provide and manage training online. Online training and training administration is quickly becoming an effective technological tool to help fire departments reduce training costs and provide more customized solutions for educating members. For example, it does not replace hands-on training of skills, but allows instructors to have students learn cognitive information online so related face-to-face sessions can spend the high majority of time focused on skill practice.     read more

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