Your Connection to Compliance

Published: 6/10/2021
Author: Scott Miller, President, Western Fire Chiefs Association

To drive compliance within every jurisdiction, no matter the size, Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA) advocates for the use of BRYCER, The Compliance Engine. A simple, Internet-based tool for Fire Prevention Bureaus, Water Departments and Building Departments, The Compliance Engine tracks and drives inspection and testing code compliance, reduces false alarm activity, ensures clean drinking water, and provides safer communities.

The Compliance Engine also provides a secure cloud environment in which third-party contractors who inspect, test and maintain fire protection systems, backflows and elevators, submit their reports via BRYCER’s web portal directly to the Authority Having Jurisdiction. This program facilitates a more efficient review, tracking and follow-up process with occupants to correct deficiencies and maintain systems.


BRYCER has proven proactive services, in addition to their web-based technology, that include: hard and soft copy notifications, call services, analytics, consultation, 24-hour support and market education to help increase testing and maintenance activity in a given jurisdiction. The end result is a comprehensive and accurate aggregation of data around which buildings have what types of systems, when they were last tested, and if there are any open deficiencies that could jeopardize their successful deployment in the event of an incident. BRYCER strongly believes that The Compliance Engine is not simply just software, but an immense service.


The Compliance Engine is currently partnered with over 550 jurisdictions across the United States; 165 of those jurisdictions are within WFCA’s territory, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego, Scottsdale and Boise. Additionally, The Compliance Engine anticipates that 40 more jurisdictions represented by WFCA will go live in 2021. Within the 165 jurisdictions that are live, The Compliance Engine has helped locate and track 350,947 fire protection systems. Furthermore, The Compliance Engine has reported 422,653 corrected deficiencies, thus making a major impact on community risk reduction efforts within the West.


The Compliance Engine truly allows departments to do more with less, increases revenue and profits for service providers, and ensures compliance on all fire protection systems. The service it provides is immeasurable and cannot be found elsewhere.


Visit or call 630-413-9511 to learn more about our partner, BRYCER, The Compliance Engine.

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