Message from WFCA about The Compliance Engine’s impact for the Los Angeles Fire Department

Published: 6/08/2015
Author: Jeffrey D. Johnson, Executive Director, Western Fire Chiefs Association

Los Angeles Fire Prevention Bureau’s Deputy Chief Vidovich touts The Compliance Engine

In less than 90 days, the City of Los Angeles experienced a twenty-one percent gain in compliance with the inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protections systems in commercial high rise buildings by utilizing The Compliance Engine, powered by Brycer, LLC. Western Fire Chiefs caught up with Deputy Chief John Vidovich, the Fire Marshal for the City of Los Angeles, to find out how Brycer’s cutting edge solution has improved the city’s services.

 “Before The Compliance Engine, the management of our fire and life safety code was time consuming, paper-based and inefficient.  Overall, we just weren’t where we needed to be to ensure life safety within our city. The Compliance Engine is entirely automated, helping us to be more effective and showing us very positive compliance results immediately. The twenty-one percent improvement in less than 90 days is incredible,” says Chief Vidovich. “Brycer did a great job working with our team to implement their system, so the transition was simple and effective. Brycer’s customer service is off the charts, I’ve been very impressed, and they’ve certainly exceeded our expectations.”

Deputy Chief Vidovich is especially excited about the effect on reduction in false alarms as a result of higher compliance rates and foresees this to be a significant cost savings for the city of Los Angeles.  It’s great to see large city governments utilizing innovative technologies to improve processes, save time and maximize their resources. I encourage chiefs across the country to reflect on their own processes and identify opportunities to do the same.


Jeffrey Johnson, Chief Executive Officer                        
Western Fire Chiefs Association


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