BAUER CFS-IIS 2/Fill (1) Bauer CFS-IIIS 3/Fill (1)

$4495 - $4895

Location: Arlington, WA
1 ea. BAUER CFS-IIS 2/Fill--- slightly used Fill station with new Bauer 2-fill/ Bulk control Fill panel with adjustable pressure Regulator and new fill Hoses. $4495.00. Designed to fill up to 4500 psi.
1 ea. Bauer CFS-IIIS 3/Fill--- slightly used Fill Station with new Bauer 3 Fill/ Bulk control Fill Panel with Adjustable pressure Regulator and new Fill Hoses.. $4895.00.. Designed to fill up to 4500 psi.

Please contact 
Bill Lundgren 206-399-7635 for addition information